Thursday, July 30, 2009

i promised you flowers

rolling with the heatwaves
rinsing in the ripples of the rive
hiding out in basement coolness
limiting myself in order to relieve myself

why yes, just a bit
caught up in nature's pattern
maybe the worst in 30 years
maybe 70

i think of all of you send you cool dreams licks of ice cream and a handsome man to install your state of the art air conditioning today no delay

i am a little topsy turvey
out of sorts
plans gone awry
keeping the little furry friend alive
extra water and tlc
slept in the basement to find the cool
my back is broke but the dog snored the night through
dreaming of chew toys galore
and cool fields to run

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  1. Beautious, beautious blooms! :) Late July and early August always seems to bring the most incredible assortment of flowers.

    Your comment over on my post was so thoughtful. It all is a little heartwrenching, but overall I'm trying to focus on the exciting new things coming my way! Thank you for your lovely support! :)

  2. lovely flowers Lady P.and love the new header..

  3. Heat waves don't last long in your neck of the woods, do they? Drink yourself into a stupor, and when you come around it will all be just a bad dream.

  4. My daily color infusion...gorgeous flower! Hope you are staying cool. Hugs, Silke

  5. ooooh.. a mental colour all over rubb.. just what I needed :)

    Greets from breezy shady London Darling, come here and bring the pooch. Pimms is on the table ;)

  6. Oooh, love your floral display. LOVE crocosmia. I have a favourite one in my garden called Lucifer and it's devillishly handsome. Hope you're not wilting too dramatically darling - your heatwave even made it onto the news in the UK.

  7. They are all make me happy :D

  8. I wish there would be a heatwave's been raining all summer but the sun finally came out today:)


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