Wednesday, July 29, 2009

my dreams are of water

triple digit weather today
no air con for 87% of local population
we all need WATER

top photo
a lovely fountain in our little city center

dip your toes
hell - go under!
next, our lovely river
(photo from our recent rubber ducky derby :) )
where you can meet a little slice of the world these days
cooling off
committing themselves to the slowness of heat

a mister installed at the farmers market yesterday to keep us all a little moister
i am trying to live like a person on the other side of the equator
up early
seista at noon
seeking the comfort of dark corners and shade where i can find it
however, i won't be finding it in front of the computer to much
count me a slightly MIA for the next couple of days
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  1. oooooooh.. ducky swimming with gentle pebble footmassage thrown in. Heaven :)

    Hope the termometer is creeping down the dotted line again, since I'm having severe withdrawl syndroms from the lack of new posts I'm praying for a light snow fall to cool you down and get you back with more eyecandy.

  2. Another vacation? Or have you actually melted into puddle. Before you know it, winter will be upon us and sweltering temps will be but a dream.

  3. Those rubber duckies have the right idea...I'd just float right along where they were....


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