Monday, July 27, 2009

i am melting

it is in the nineties, and i am sweating whenever i come to rest in one spot
i have to make this quick
because i am melting

this is the local pool
i have a pass
it has been so blaringly hot the i didn't even go today
is that the silliest thing you have ever heard or what?

i am not the biggest wuss ever, because i lived in asia for years
and in humidity that made my hair curl
but i must be out of practice
and i am feeling
highly unproductive and a shade

i look for a breeze
everywhere and anywhere
my dog and i did go to the river and take a dip
everyone and their mother was there
is was rather sweet
but we still got out and felt lethargic
can i write myself a pass for this week?
too hot to really do much except whine
and read trashy summer novels
and get sick on sorbet
'cuz it feels so good and cold going down
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  1. hello beutiful,
    morning here in London, we still havent been to bed today, need to finish some work and get paid (or food will be on the x-mas wishlist) but we did however take a bracing walk around the block (to kensington garden, two hours back and forth)

    as for parents, I totally lucked out. Got an e-mail from my dad at 5 am, he and the cat were setting out for the balcony to enjoy the morning coffee. God i miss them :7

    Hope the night is getting a bit cooler, and if you cant catch a breeze, create one (with a fan preferably, but beggers can't be choosers right? :)

    lottsa love out of London, gonna put the morning pics up for airing now. then back to work *mumbles*
    More coffe? :7
    I do a mean frappe :D

  2. love the colours by the way.. the slides look like gigantig baloon figures... happy thoughts :)

  3. Lucky you! I’m freezing here in NZ...

  4. I love the way you cropped the slides here--and the colors are absolutely beautiful in your first image.

  5. I enjoyed the pics too, great night shots. We are having a very mild summer in ohio, has almost felt like an English summer.
    Usually the heat and humidity suck me dry so I empathize.

  6. Oh God if you are melting.So am I..

    Thanks for taking us to see your pool over there..

  7. 90's and no air!!! I feel for ya. Let you in on a little secret, even people in Hot-Lanta hate the heat. So I thank God every day for air-conditioning.


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