Monday, July 27, 2009

stilted dance

birdlike feathers let us all flock together
peacock proudness, yet a wee bit demure

stand up tall
smell the air
waggle it like you just don't care

visions can take flight
a small anthill can grow into a hole
or the next best destination you never thought you knew

lessons in flying
stage one
prepare for anything
stage two
forget everything you know
to make room
for the crazy NEW

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  1. nothing like a sweaty armpit to let you know your alive *grins* gorgeouse feathers on that bird by the way *nods*
    2 of august we're having the biggest latin american festival in europe... I'm buffing up my "real" camera and biding my time.
    No doubt there will be plenty of sweaty armpits too since there's going to be a lot of shaking of tailfeathers :D

    And i know about the pain of rent.. and lack of money. It sucks.. we're back to doing the scurvy diet :P
    Lets hope it changes soon for the both of us.. so if you grab the lephrecon i'll mugg him, Ok?:D

  2. I am prepared for anything, but oh!
    Don't ask me to forget everything I know
    I'm starting a proofreading project on the morrow
    And forgetting everything will be a great cause for sorrow
    As then I won't earn any money,
    And darling Lady P, that just won't be funny!!

  3. my goodness...
    strutting your stuff looks so good.

  4. Yes! what a groovey blog party on Lady P.


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