Saturday, July 25, 2009


if you were a clown. what kind of inner silliness would you channel?

Moogie, you know that this one's for you
just make sure he wipes his feet before doing any hip swiveling
and of course, full disclosure of all Elvis related events

a soulful moment for a brigand and a pirate

the car, the duck, the wonder
a hot and sweaty parade
generations rubbing elbows
eating too much
mopping a brow
smiles for miles

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  1. Damn girl, I am honored to be mentioned in your posting. But clowns scare me. They lurk in my closet and under my bed. Waiting for the midnight hour to come out and steal my cupcakes.

  2. Wow, I loved your last two parade-fanfare-funfair-ish posts! I sometimes feel like having my own little parade and then I do march through the house, swinging my arms and singing a little, and throwing stuff in the air, but I kind of do it quietly because it is a little odd. I mean, the neighbours already think I'm weird. PS I gave you a little award on my blog.

  3. Oh I love that duck sitting in that red car!! If I were a clown I'd laugh all day long.

  4. Oh, wow, your last posts have been such a great explosion of happy color! I love it!! It's my daily boost of energy... Hugs, Silke

  5. I love a parade! Though I have a bit more of a weakness for brigandish pirates than clowns. Dx


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