Saturday, July 25, 2009

oh the fun, the fantasy, the flair

streamers blowing, billowing in the air and hanging out like they just don't care
we should be like a bit of tinsel twisting in the wind
flocks flowing
panties showing
crisp bit of sparkle dressing up our skies

makes you wanna just jump in and have your hands full of wonder and creation
hang your flag, call out your signs
just glad to be getting there
full of good intentions and breathless speed

jubilant life fully embraced feminine fun
photo op
fully realized

beat your own drum
make a noise and wriggle free of your confines and convictions
forget that there are a dozen fanfares and write your first one
make it rich
and clanging
so you can reverberate your truth
all the way down to your soul

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  1. now those are some fancy pants... :)
    they are ment to be flaunted!
    The visual c-vitamin shock of the morning :D
    hope your having a good weekend darling, just woke up after 12 hours of snooze (yey) and now I'm going out to brave the tourist infested streats.

  2. I want those shades! And the awesome monkey-tin-thingy...dreaming of a day of fantasy :D

  3. I want to sparkle and dance in the wind also.

  4. Your color is such a sweet way..

  5. Your prose is awesome!!!
    Love that photo! and the pink hair... so grease!


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