Friday, July 24, 2009

it's an invasion

don't take me off to the rubber room just yet
this is all beyond my control
my city is overrun with these little yellow suckers
looking cute, trying to "fit in"
they even have been trying to pass themselves off as people I know

i can' t lie
i am smitten by the soft and sometimes squeaky nature of this waterlogged beasts

my friend, Deb, these are all her little creations
we are celebrating our little town this weekend and on Sunday
hundreds of these little rubber duckies will go on a float down our main river drag

i had to share our local shennanigans with you
okay, not everyone is into the fun
some have been overheard to say
f*ck the duck

party poopers, one and all
probably have an aversion to the color yellow
maybe they never had bathtime play toys
that could be remedied
floating down the river with 500 rubber duckies would make anyone look at life from a sunnier perspective

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  1. I love rubber duckies! They are the cutest!

  2. That seriously brightened up my day!!!

  3. Hey ducky, what a delightful idea! They all look incredibly smart for their voyage. So glad you're back - loved the pic of you in the hammock. I want one. And a duck.

  4. My glow-in-the-dark duck salutes your brigade!
    Damned.. i wanna come play at your house!
    and your place of life seems pretty damned grand, and I'll offer up my brother in exchange of living thru your lens sweets.

    I've spent the day outside London (in Alton)... first time since I moved here. Just got back after a full day with a client going thru designs and website solutions with only 2 hours of sleep dragging my eyelids down.
    Thank you ever so much for the fantastic rubber duck dream scenery, finaly I've found someone that beats my own yellow rubber beak addiction :D

  5. Awesome!! How much would I love to see this?!


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