Thursday, July 23, 2009

little towns. big finds

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When visiting elsewhere, the charm of a place sinks in and makes you giddy helpless not to smile. This turquoise wonder of a laundromat is now sporting air conditioning, the new sign hung outside states invitingly - wooow, big city here we come.

The on-site proprietor just continued to watch some kind of race on telly, and let me oooohh and aahhhh over the lovely color that permeated everything within - turquoise. My luv color of all vintage finds.

These chairs, once at home in a local theater and now outside seating at a little eatery are just posh - no other term for them. Just look at that detail on the sides. Heaven.

I am a shutter bug, no doubt about it. The call of the wild yet undiscovered world just waiting to be framed within my viewfinder. Oh blogosphere, you make this all so much more fun and plausible possible. Thank you.
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  1. oooooh.. I love the old seating.. I'd change my (or rather the landlords) horrible backbreaking monstrosity for a hand carved hemorroid piler any day!
    Hmm.. I'm getting stuck under the impression that either you live in the most beutifull and colourfull place in the world or you simply find the stuff that makes day-in-day-out drudgery survivable.. which is it? :)

  2. these are so fun! I'd love to come across a laundromat like that here in NYC...I'm going to have to hunt for one.

  3. Nice touch for that little eatery...


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