Wednesday, July 22, 2009


summer fun the colors of summer remembering to stop remembering to summer

hot weather
always makes me want to have fried food -
must be my memories
baseball parks filled with little leaguers, swim meets in Southern Cal, bowling alleys with beer and fries

i can pull over in a minute to look at a sky that has the action of Zeus within it's airy grasp

little morsels of heaven - a no no for me, but a definite YES for summer
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  1. Oh, I am glad you are here, Madam P! All in one piece, rested, and just being YOU. Great to have you back!

  2. Glad you're back. I'm not a camping kind of gal. Don't get me wrong, I hug a tree every chance I get, I just don't like sleeping with them. (they snore)

    How did you get out of the hammock? Literally, how did you get out? I'm no of those crazy people that call 911 ... "Hello, I'm stuck in a hammock and can't get out."

  3. hello darling,
    as for money.. yeah.. rent is fun to find.. still havent but hey i do have hopes for the next few days *eyeroll* if i knock some teeth out and grab the tootfairy by the knickers I might be on to something resembling a solution :D

    thank you for the eyecandy, I loved the you that kind of hair rasing shiver happy feeling (with the ridgid death mask face of sour) that you cant resist :)

    Now come to London and have a pimms. We're going out tomorrow to scouer the streets for fun stuff. I'm so happy your back! (i did not blogg myself but I did have a silent weep over the fact that neither did i get my daily dose of sunshine either)

    anyway, gonna get back to work again. may the coffe be with you and all who sail her (ergh... getting tired :)

  4. I think I am wearing one of those onion rings around my hips...

  5. Oh, dear Lady P, you are making me HUNGRY! Summer is a wonderful time, isn't it?! :) Silke

  6. Summer means lots and lots of Summer-rific food!


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