Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer sleepy and tent sore - I'm back

Catching up on your daily dose of color today, are you?
Camping color, at your service.

Folks did look at me funny - the toys from the kids games were more amusing to me than the mandatory off-colored jokes after the beer was getting drained.

But kids do have the most fun camping - this tree frog made lots of friends and everyone had to take a gander at his incredible coloring.


This hammock was in constant use this long weekend - and I made sure that my behind was in the rotation of users. I did not meditate. I did not ponder my navel and wonder how in world I would discover the next job/career out there for me.

I just was.
And that felt exactly right.
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  1. atta grrl!
    New careers find YOU, anyway, so you are doing the right thing.
    We have the first flirtatious smile of sun today, it is warm this morning, and I look forward to enjoying it.

  2. Sounds like the PERFECT weekend! Love all the colors and that hammock looks mighty inviting... :) Silke

  3. Hello my darling, shopping went well.. got a purple top and one that was flecked with screatching pink and green.. pictures will be posted as soon as i've gotten the bulk of work thats been creaping up on my computer away. We had la'familia decend on us like a rash and spent time showing them around London while obsessing about lost work hours (healthy.. no.. :)

    and dont worry to much about careers, they are for sceared and stressed out ppl. go for the lifestyle instead.. ;) "knitter extraordinaire" works on a business card!

    god, i need more coffee.. too much work to do, to little time. Sending busloads (double deckers ofcourse!) of love out of London and I'll come back for colour therapy in a couple of hours.

  4. hmm... i'm so jelouse of the hammock experience I could cry... :)
    I want woods too.. need to do a trip back to sweden soon, where you do not find people behind every tree :P

  5. I am soo jealous, Lady P. I am soo needing a "ME" time.

  6. LOVE that pic of you in the hammock. That should be on a book cover.


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