Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i love this photo of flourescent car wash liquid
somehow i didn't post it the other day
what a mistake to leave this beauty out
i could sink deeply into it's pinkness

a friend at the farmers market makes these little buggers
traisins - as in dried cherry tomato raisins
they look like some strange yet wonderful fruit you would find in a Marrakesh Market
(do i need a vacation perhaps?)

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Lava Lamp by Jack Russo

i need to rub the genie lamp
seek the great pink aura in the sky
wish to the stars and then back again

Message to the Blogosphere:

Happy Go Lucky Fool till the end.
Fool in the best of ways - full hearted, learning to give up the ghost of fear, taming the shrewish anger at fate and just floating with integrity and a hand at your passion and labors to keep you sane and afloat. Many will misunderstand you, but you endeavor is clear. Maybe just for now, for this step and the next


  1. How would you use the traisins? Are they tough and chewy?

  2. I used to have a Lava Lamp here at the computer shop..

  3. Traisins? Traisins? How have I lived so long without tasting these little beauties?


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