Wednesday, August 5, 2009

lei one on me

tropical heatwave has gone bye bye
no crying over that
just drinking in some color and working hard for the bills to be paid
no crime in dreaming of far away isles and pina coladas though

flowers that need no water
women that need no men
horizons that need no tending
autoing on cruise control
while i get my head out of the freezer
and into a potential and new game

these photos remind me of old view finders
switch your eyes back and forth fast enough
and you see

Messages from the hip and sway:

Newness, new buddies, new paramours, new places to stray - keeping your mind at bay
just when you didn't think this day or time in life could surprise you
it does

Happy Wednesday wonderful peeps!
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  1. LoL...Lei!!! Happy Wednesday...I feel like hula-ing!

  2. He he... thank you lovely, between you and Matt I've got enough distraction to make this day just a little bit easier to forget :)

    *sniffing the colours off the screen* as soon as things slow down i'll be back to pester you in the style you deserve, lotts of love out of 85 % humidity (GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH) and 20 degres C London.. Iiiiiiiiim meeeeeeeeeeeeelting... :S

  3. Happy Wednesday ... and Thursday! Wonderful color - I always come to your blog for a dose of color and happy! Hugs, Silke


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