Friday, August 14, 2009

sewin' it up

sew, you know what i am doing today?
all of that sewing that keeps piling up around the machine
until it cascades to the floor and i stumble, fall, curse, and scream
then i pick the mound up and vow to get to work
today is that day
(i think, i hope, i PRAY)

ever since my first trip through europe and happily, through finland
i stop for the designs and colorways of marimekko
i found this large cotton shirt at the thrift store for a dollar
today, before even getting dressed to for the almost autumnal weather outdoors
(1o days ago in the high 90's!!)
i took up the shoulder seams and a little tapering at the sides

can't stop making these creatures
they sprung from a knit "tart and cookie" pattern
but somehow they became alive
knit monsters from outeryarnspace

this maybe the face of the pinkypurl alien
or it may just be a cry from me for help
lift the curse of insane stitching up of otherworldly fluff and squish

cupcake anyone? this one is lavender laced
precious!! purfectly purpley pink calories - ohhhhh

the top
worn with my lucky charms necklace that changes daily
rolled up jeans
silver converse sneaks
and a coat
'cuz it got cold here

(ps when i have to work for rent, i can't seem to create so much. now i am "inbetween" temp gigs, looking for the next buck, but having a great time returning to my creative homefront. can i ever find a life that somehow offers both? oh, i am so ever trying....)
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  1. Love the knit monster, love the cupcake, but jealous of the cool weather.

  2. Yes my love...come get liquored up with me...I'll throw the peaches in the blender with the rum and we'll have a grand time!! I love the shirt! It looks great on you...luv your curtains, too :D

  3. You can, yes you can make a buck from what you love doing...Explore the possibilities..they are there in abundance...
    I love the coloraway of this shirt...poeple don't believe in the combo...I do...Ha

  4. I love the cupcake mutant zombies.. keep on with that grrl...

  5. at first the glare on the laptop I am using made your hair look bright blue. I think blue hair would fit your personality.



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