Thursday, August 13, 2009

project pretty

buy a wooden frame at someplace like Ikea, where they have them in packs of four, or a thriftstore (don't spend much)
get some white paint and a paintbrush and then cover the frame with the paint (duh)

knit a piece of icord that is approximately the length of the outside edge of the frame
this will give you a little extra to play with
secure the loose ends
(get playful - i used 2 colors in rotation in mine)

get out the glue gun (good, i love saying that! shiver me timbers!)
carefully apply a little glue at a time down the center of the frame
then press the icord down firmly to hold it in place
round out the corners
maybe do a practice run without the glue first

isn't that easier than you thought?
don't you just love glue guns??

i left the left lower handside where i began gluing open at the very bottom
so that when i came back around from the right handside i could
kinda loop them over one another
i printed off a photo of one of my knit cupcakes with a little phrase
"put your photo here"
in the center
so people would get the right idea
and not think they had to live with a photo of some fiber dessert in their living rooms
just because i would
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  1. Your a diabolical crafting genius.

    It was the witching hour and all were safely tucked into their beds. But one person still remained awake. Like a mad-scientist she sat hunched over her craft table, knitting needles clicking wildly, glue gun glowing red hot in the meager light of the flickering candle. A flash of lightning, a boom of thunder, and a sinister laugh could be heard when she finished her creation.

  2. I love that frame! The color and the design..Oooooh I simply love it!

  3. Oh my gosh, I adore this! I would totally leave that picture right in the frame :P


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