Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ahhh, a little light and leisure

i finally had a moment to breathe at home
cook in my kitchen, clear some cobwebs
change the feng shui of the day
swing with me for a beat
or a second

these are things found right around my nexus of activity and birthing
my kitchen table, where the computer resides
a stones throw from my creative corner and my crop of unfinished babes of fiber tranquil testy
resting restless
waiting watchfully
for a push, a tuck, a stitch, a hand

i am walking without the full strength of my candle these days
the dark eating light out of the sky
breathing in and out
hoping for sealed script marked by my soul
testing stamina in old groves of labor and might
this day alone in my home
relief was reborn and energies set right

motion, motion
greasing the wheels
tender footfall to yield the biggest grin
"the magic is already happening"
my ticket punched
my program printed
i am joining a parade of pursuers
who face quiet nights of heavy sleep won by muscles collapsed under the weight of
a little mitzvah and a lotta hope

glad to be back - sorta back
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  1. That last photo looks so Van Gogh-ish.. I LOVE IT!

  2. ahh you are so sweet! and i was just over looking at you and your honey and learning a new little word of endearment - grocera!!

  3. thank you for your sweet sweet comment you left and right back to you, your photos are so colorful, i love it.

  4. I love the first picture. It looks so relaxing. Lighting up some aromatheraphy candles and reading a book or drink a cup of coffee.

  5. Girl, you are in a happy meditative mood today. I want some of what you are smoking.

  6. That third picture is making me feel relaxed...lovin' the mood :D


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