Monday, August 17, 2009

happy? uhhmm, it's monday,silly!

i wanted to share somethings that were at least floating my boat today
like bicycle bling on a vintage sweet ride
when i came upon my friend, anairam's blog and
happy week
playing along with curious girl(lisa) it's author
hmmmm i could use with some gohappyjuice
let us join

i have been in a funk
like a lowgrade fever
it has been lingering for days, weeks, yeek
my friend, mary, gave me this beach cool/ evil eye wristwrap from Israel
may it chase the big bad blues away
her gift brighten spirits felt shredded ASAP

summer weather hits our housefronts once again
my happiest moment?
totally disregard for wiggly/jiggly bits of body
the sun shone down on my midsection
i traipsed and lounged poolside
cares driven from my head by splashes, snickerdoodles and
light summer reading that you sneak when no one is looking

Message to the Blogosphere:
have fortitude, behold your silent and resilient reserves
never doubt that you are able to deal with the seemingly unreal roller coaster of evolvement
you shall tame the beast and make the day fine
in good time
in good time
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  1. I love the cute little colour bead thingies on the bicycle spokes! I've been in a bit of a funk too so am hoping that happy week will work its magic on both of us! I like your sunshine and poolside approach to throwing cares away. If only we had some sun, I might be tempted to do the same. Enjoy! :)

  2. Greets Darling, tan lines in chriss cross shades over my back and arms, hair fuzzy from sea air and feet tired from trying to keep up with the duracell bunny that is my mother in law.. Seriously, she can walk for ever, I'm dying. Been missing you guys, and allthough the colours of brighton were quite reminecent of you I missed the comentation byline... :)
    Hope the eye has disspelled what ever it was that has been hanging over your head, if nothign else the splash of colour you call a bikini should have done the job :)
    lottsa love out of London (thinking of moving to brighton though! :D)

  3. I love the pic of the bike! :) I hope you're doing well! Sorry for the lack of comments!

  4. Oho! That is one happy bicycle! And one cool bikini and wrist wrap thingie. I hope the week evolves into an explosion of happiness for you, dear Lady P. Tame that beast! Break that funk!

  5. Love it. And that arm wrap is super awesome!

  6. I don't do any beast taming. I like to leave them wild and unpredictable.


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