Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a happy photographer

sweet relief
a little mojo on the flow
connecting with my inner maiden
breaking bare and sighing swoon
these shots carry me
into the happy

week of wondering
happy, how shall you be caught?
eye is on this prize
willing the seeker within to crook a finger
tame it hither
hit the button and flag it down

happy week, authored by curious girl
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Message for the Blogosphere:

foursquare and many years ago, you were founded and life began
stake the claim on that which is you and which is yours
fight for that which contains your most sacred self
banish self doubt, and those who belittle you
treasure, that is your name

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  1. Oh those colours make me very happy - beautiful shots!

  2. ahhhh, the pretty colors. Feels like a little day tripping going on.

  3. dancing colorful light! I love the images and the words.


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