Monday, July 13, 2009

Out of the Blue

This sun roof gives you the world through ultra sky tinted windows. Feels a bit like being underwater.

How could she merely be a car's hood ornament, I ask.

More photos from the weekend.

I took close to 250 shots, so don't be a vintage hater, otherwise this week is gonna be a l o n g one for ya.

But of course, not everything in my photos will be old. Look at this sweet little one right here - why, he's got less than a year on him.

PS: I promise to tell you the "full" dog story, when I get out of my moodies and can find my cadence for the telling of it. Rounding off the corners, leaving only the best, prime cut for the likes of all of you.
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  1. Oh my god, these delightful offerings of beautiful, sculptural cars almost make me want to learn to drive. And as for that little 'bad to the bone' cherub, could he be any more divine?

    You know I love a dog story, so I can't wait for that, practically panting and a' waggin my tail I am...

  2. I love blues. And yes that glass does have that undewater view perception.

  3. lol.. I just noticed that "bad to the bone" on the baby's pacifier.

  4. delightful shades of blue and an adorable little cutie!

  5. ooooh.. this will be a very good week :D
    // meg (having started to use her old name again, I'm Madzia by the way *shaking paw*)

  6. Look at that sweet little face w/ the Bad to the Bone paci...adorable :D

  7. I am officially obsessed with that car!

  8. oh my darling.. I'm so sorry to disapoint, i did buy something (new shoes.. old ones fell apart at the head).. but their black.. cute as buttons scetchers.. but still black.. .

    But, the upside is that the toes are some kind of netting, so whatever colour my toenails are in will be on tastefull display :P :D
    and ofcourse the gorgeouse colourfull red andpurple blisters.. Gotta love new shoes right? *wiggles toes*

    Going out shopping tomorrow again, will post any amazing finds of colour, if i can find anything, promise! will try very hard. Burgondy red or dark greens.. hmm. purple? .. Most horrid colour scheme of the 80's has returned here in London and it is quite sceary.. (i look yellow in florecent green.. )

    the hunt is on tomorrow ;)

  9. uhm... the old shoes fell apart at the heal.. not the head... thank god they do not have a head, i'd be walking around on my toes constantly appologizing for the rough surface if they did :P

  10. I'd love to drift-shop-shop... Sadly enough I'm built a bit bigger than the norm of women. I can easily shift 150 kg , and have done on more than one ocation.. when working out I use Love as weights when doing squats. and he's a good size man.. (huge legs, shapely, but still more muscle then most men, let alone most women), HUGE bum - but its great to shake around, a good dipped waist (but I still suck at hoola-hooping) and too bigg a bust (giving Love the possibility to give his world famouse scrowl at men that really should be old enough to know better than regress needy babys).. but shopping sucks. Notting i like will actually pass either the first speadbump (top) or the second (bum).

    Good thing my dad was always on about valkyries and warrior women able to lift man and horse over their head and that beeing a good thing, or I would have trouble liking myself durring my teenage years and not fitting in. (see, now you have the image of she-hulk in your head, and your not far off.. :)

    add to that.. i cant sow (or spell it) worth - a -damned... the one single thing i've ever made in fabric was in elementary school.. My mum loves me so she keeps that pillow on the coutch, but it still looks like shit (and was done in horrid 80's style cloth as well.. I just could not get it right anyway :P)

    Will post some pixies of my wardrobe.. you will cry!

    I'm thinking you are freelance as us huh? the freedome is fun, the hours are a bit of a pain, but the joy of it (even though one lives of noddles) is great :)
    Besides, only people doing what they love make money, so its just a matter of time. And then, when you are rolling in cash and just dont know what to do with yourself you will find your way to London, and i'll walk you thru every gorgeouse secondhand shop there is (we've got 3 just around the corner, and their amazing) and then introduce you to Pimms with lemonade. :D

  11. You are so on lovely colour fury, and I'm going to hold you to that (dont make me take out the handcuffs.. i know i had them here somewhere.. )

    As for boyfriends with controll issues.. I do blame the pheronomes. Seriously. I take no shit, but that did not stop me from beeing with assholes (and having to do horrid things like dump mouldy dishes on their side of the bed when the housekeeping got a bit lagging.. I do not do "quiet and upset".. :D)
    Those pesky pheronomes are the problem.
    its all a question of finding the right guy with the right scent i guess :)

    Now.. where was I before my fingers galopped away from me?..
    oh yeah, Malin.. (Loves' cousins Wife) made a scarf. Looks like galmourouse mould (the sort that grows in the shower type of mould.. i do belive i've botched the spelling again) but its gorgeouse. She's a knitter too, just like you.. I've actually sicked her onto you page :D

    Tomorrow the hunt is on for greens and purples.. Will post when i've aquired!

    Now get working on your world domination by cupcake plan and the pimms will be ready!

    *gentle hipbump*

  12. posted the glamore mould on the blogg... Its wonderfull, only problem is that the weather does not permit it right now :P :D

  13. or I'll just scear the poor neighbours to death :D If the responses get spectacular enough i'll get som portrait photos up ;)

    *jawn* a bit over 12 pm, and its raining cats'n'dogs outside (still have not found out why they call it that..) and need to catch some zzz's soon. Having deadlines is lovely *rubbing eyes*

  14. I am loving the blue theme here!! and the subtle details .. love it~


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