Sunday, July 12, 2009

Car Show Gleam

Armed with the point-n-shoot camera, off to look at what rocks the socks off the car world.

Gleaming, streaming, lacquered color

This Metropolitan 1960 Nash/Rambler was aptly called "Pinki" - little cutie that she is.

1941 Lincoln Zephyr - what you would call a leggy and luxurious car in any decade. I would give anything to have these lines gracing the car forms of this century.

Today, I was in photo heaven and I wasted not a frame of it.

(this ones for you, Meg)
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  1. OMG! I love those colorful cars!!!

  2. I want one. They're all so shiney and retro... they make me feel cool just lookin' at 'em :D

  3. *swoooooooon*

    beyond gorgeous.

  4. gnnnn.... now i have streaky fingerprings going down the length of my screen.. buggerit.. :)
    Their gorgeouse love, you are kicking ass, and the eyecandy is mouthwatering *drooling quietly over her keyboard*

    thank you for brightening my day, specially when for the first time in ages I'm up before frikking 8 am..
    Im suffering here, and I sure needed a good highgloss and brightly coloured pick me up before going out to fight dragons (english bureaucracy)

  5. I want the pink Nash Rambler in the worst kind of way. But only if the hat is thrown in on the deal.


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