Saturday, July 11, 2009

inner callings

What difference does it make how I am treated by life? My real life is within.
-Angela L. Wozniak

I have a book that I retreat to when times are hard, I need a help line to be thrown, and maybe no one else is getting my dire drift. I randomly open it, read the meditation and mentally unwind.
A week of questioning - outsiders and those within, questioning my whys and wherefores, thrusting unwanted energy into my playing field, making the process of following my heart and soul an arduous task when it should be much simpler. Murky waters and not always knowing the next step, but being prepared to make a "feel" for it and hope for the best
The found dog was the easiest part of the reuniting equation this week, the rest being at times a little ugly (from loved ones ?!) and more. Dog equals pure love, that is truth. Humans need work.

Blogging - an act of passion and sharing with my community. My blog for my city - under scrutiny by the geek squad and a legal beagle with hearty questions. Why do I care? Speak too quickly for my own words, when in fact, they don't care one iota about my truth.

I need some more lead in my feet, a little thicker skin and a healthy dose or self respect slathered on daily.



  1. Dearest Lady P - When you are creative, it sometimes feels like you have one less skin than everyone else. The slights and conflicts that others seems to slough off so easily wound us. It's the price you pay for experiencing joy and beauty so intensely. Sometimes it can seem like a heavy price. You know, I think we can learn a lot from dogs. They live entirely in the moment and, as you say, are 'pure love'. On tough days, I just need to watch my Barney chase a leaf, chew a stick, poke his head out of the car window to feel the air rushing past his ears, or lie flat out on the floor by a sunny window just for the sheer pleasure of it to feel restored, encouraged. Dogs are very zen. They don't need lead in their feet. It would slow them down as they rush headlong towards bliss.

  2. I simply MUST know about the doggy.

    It's been a week with barely any internet fast enough to surf on,and I am going to burst if I cant know how what happened...

    zombie wants to know too.

  3. Hello Lovely Lady P, with feet in the clouds and your hair in the wind (trust me, we dont want you any other way, leaded shoes makes for bad photograhpy and boring ideas ;)
    Love the fluff-monster,I just cant figure out what it is.. looks like a mini akita...
    And I second Girl+ dog, what happend to the mini monster with the satelite ears?

  4. Although I "hear" what you're saying about thick skin and lead shoes...DON'T DO IT!! I realized at some point that I like being me...vulnerable, emotional, creative me...and those who don't get it or think I'm weird...well they are the unlucky ones :) Stay as you are sweet-P (that's why I luv ya)!!

  5. My blond roots are showing, i just found your lovely post regarding shoe-give-aways and your willingness to help me out. Thank you a thousand times!
    I've gotten firm orders from my mother in law (a very bossy and adorable woman) that I'm suppose to buy something not black for our vacation (3 days in Brighton) ... help with ideas? :P I never shy away from colours except for when it comes to clothes (i hate shopping, and always end up going with the safe bet.. black.. goes with everything else.. thats black.. )

    PS. now have sky blue finger nails and purple glittery toes (colour coordinating is for wimps!) Just a colour update :D

  6. PS2:
    its always a joy to find Lady P prose written down in welmeasured words and full stops.
    You've mastered the short-n-sweet. Me i'm still muddeling along with sentences 40 words wide without any stops at all..
    Now all i need is more gorgeouse colour pictures and updates on your blogg. my addiction (and consequent withdrawl syndroms) are showing


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