Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Better horizons

Bring it

That is what my friend GarBear always says when I get cheeky/sassy with him, make silly idle threats, go off wacky and giggle wildly to myself (hey - sometimes I am the only one who gets the joke!)

Message to the Blogosphere:

Just do it - even if you are unsure, haven't a clue where the whole gosh darn thing is off to - just do it. It can't be any worse than sitting around not being as happy as you could be but playing it all together too safe. Safe can be overrated. Hell, even mildly dangerous. Take a little walk on the wild side.

This week, the glass is half full.

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  1. Amen, sister. Love today's message. I promise to 'Bring it' all day. Love and lots of licked spoons to you, dear, and wishing you lots of overflowing glasses on your horizon. Dx

  2. actually..

    my glass is empty..

    of wine that is.
    And Iam off to refill it.


  3. I love walking the wild side. Time is slipping through our fingers as we speak. And I want to enjoy whatever is left to the absolute fullest with a frozen daiquiri in my hand and a smile on my lips.

  4. Okay! I'm with you!! - I promise to live life dangerously and having the glass half-full and all of that. Only wait until I get better ... L'Usband thanks you kindly for the nose-cozy you knitted him, but I woke up this morning with his darn bug, talking about living life dangerously, and we are fighting over that cozy-nose-cozy, so PLEASE won't you get out your Internet needles and knit me my very own one, pleaaaaaaaase? I feel very sorry for myself right now, and as far as I am concerned the glass is .... empty - he finished all the orange juice. Rats.

  5. RYN: It is posted NOW. I haven't had time to post! lol

  6. AMEN to that! Half full! Ok, actually my glass is totally empty - very thirsty... Off to look for something good! Hugs, Silke


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