Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What I did today

I made cards from the photos that I take on the regular for my blogs (two) and put them in the space I have at my friend's shop, here, in the hopes that maybe someone will like the idea that while the photos are "fresh", the cards are recycled.
I made some homemade banana bread using my Grandmother's /Mom's favorite recipe, ate some and then pedaled off to give slices to some pals and half a loaf to me Mum. I gave away 7 big, chunky slices - and I still have to make sure I let my leftovers get stretched out over a couple days feasting. I shouldn't bake really, my bum likes it too much.
I took pictures around my fair town - this is my favorite pic of the day. I love green - anything. Next, I love vintage. Double love - right here.
I have my head still in the clouds. I need to find work, I don't know what I want to do, and I don't want to think about it. Where is my thunderbolt of miraculous understanding - the one that sets my universe to financially stable rights AND rocks? ahhh, please come, my little bolt of inspiration - or $5,000 - either one, soon....
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  1. Those cards are so sweet, Oh and i love Banana bread, haven't had that in forever. Now you've made me hungry :] lovely blog xoxo

  2. I too would love a bolt of understanding...or $5,000!

    Beautiful, beautiful cards!

  3. ha! I know what you mean! And that green car. wow. What color green is that? Amazing, eh?

  4. yum... if you were in AUSTRALIA our government has just given us $900... each... isnt that nice?

  5. There are many reasons that I wish I were in Australia and now you have kindly found me another one - SOLD!


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