Monday, May 4, 2009


Today, I just wanted to share with you another wonderful hue from life's funfare of color, PINK.
I am off to yet another bowling banquet with my Mom - she is the bowler, and I got up early to be a good girl and get some things done - like add something new to my Etsy account, and post something to you lovelies. Few in number as you may be, but dear to my little creative spirit nonetheless. Thanks for dropping by today -

Embrace the pink - think soft and trusting thoughts of yourself today. Don't be too hard on yourself or others - let it ride for right now, come back to that mess of little knots later. Just take yourself out for a minute - a quick "date" to the corner cafe, and breath.
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  1. ah,, this is what I needed today, for I wil be thinking pink of an entirely different nature. It's off to the doctors for routine "pink bits" tests. The pleasures of being a grrl...

  2. i'm loving your color schemes! So bright and cheery.. especially on such a gloomy day! Blah!

  3. That tree is gorgeous! Thanks for the kind word on my blog! Hope you have a pleasant day :)

  4. Beautiful! I am loving this soft pink tone. Lovely pictures.


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