Friday, May 1, 2009


I have to laugh - as I was planning to do this posting about purple, I read Grrl + Dog's most recent blog bit, and she was just detoxing from a week of being surrounded by that special portion of the female population that firmly holds forth that " purple is the new black". (Not happenin' anytime soon, but then ... that's just my firm belief.)
This isn't my most favorite of colors - but it is Spring, and there is a plethora of wonderful, saturated color out there - and one of them happens to be purple. The lilacs are starting to bloom, and I have been stealthily picking them off of overhanging bushes, huge trees that won't feel the bit denuded and putting them around me, around my home. I am even knitting a really sweet little swing cardigan for my niece out of Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece, which is this wonderful cotton/wool yarn that has a nice dry handfeel and wears quite well. I am considering a little sun hat to go with. I still need a button band, collar - it's a work in progress. Meant for Easter, hopefully completed by the family BBQ on Mother's Day :) (Remember the "chickies"? they kinda ruled my roost that holiday...)
Of course, then there are just the lovely flowers that keep coming in front of my lens as I wander the town in the sunlight we are sometimes blessed with, taking in the beauty that nature so amply provides.

Color is so much fun to play with - but in these photos - there is no adjusting that needs fussing with, outside of a little light. Au naturel and plainly good - "eye candy" my dear friend in Savannah likes to call them (hey, Molly!) - and so aptly put, I'll leave it at that.
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  1. know I think the purple thing kinda cvreeps up on you, like osteoporosis. You , my dear, are still firmly rooted in the land of and sound.

  2. I adore lilac, the smell of it, and seeing bluebells. My fave outfit as a teen was purple cordroy pants, purple cape and beret and purple mary quant eyeshadow. woo hoo, was I purple lol!


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