Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Les Fleurs

I am cross-pollinating. Usually I try to keep my two blogs really separate, using unique images for each. Rarely double dipping - though occasionally it will occur. I'm only human. But today, these Spring goodies just had to be shared twice over. Sometimes I really do love my camera. Point and Shoot model - and it still can capture these petaly wonders.
The rhodies are really starting to bloom. Funny - some colors, like the deep pink are so ahead of the rest. These pale pink are just getting their heads up and heading towards the sun (however non present it was today). Can't complain - we have had some lovely globular bits of golden sun. Today was emphasis on the stuff that is good for the soil and making the flowers not become wilty bits of brown.

Vermilion, orange, corals - these are my favorite colors. How lovely to find a flower blooming today that I would wear in a heartbeat.
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  1. you must be blooming s well, dear lady. Yes if you have any secrets for not double dippng, let me know...


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