Monday, April 27, 2009

My headband has a tasty treat attached

I am stuck on a theme at the moment - it could be cupcakes have taken over my sweet tooth and my sensibilities. If you aren't keen on bakery items yourself, this posting may be difficult for you to stomach. After all, you really have to like the sweet life of carbs to wanna wear a headband with a bit of fake frosting and jimmies on it.
Luckily my friend loves to indulge in my bit of creative baking - even if this one means she will be calorie free for the day, since she's wearing the cupcake instead of eating it. (Don't worry - I actually made a quadruple batch of blond brownies today, with coconut, chocolate chips and walnuts - extra thick and downright gooey. She wasn't really deprived. I reimburse my models for their assistance very well. Well, at least that's what I think...)
This wasn't my original idea. I saw a similar cupcake headband and wanted to make a couple myself. Can't take all the credit. But if imitation is the highest form of flattery, then I have been doing a lot of praising these last two days. I have made four headbands. Wow, I'm cupcake crazy.

My little niece who is not even 2 yet will be wearing the first one. She already loves to pretend she is making things in her little kitchen and her hair is growing longer by the minute. She has begun to have more patience letting the "pretties" stay in her hair. Can hardly wait. That will be a great photo in the making.
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