Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sweet! I am back online again!

Oh my, oh golly - how wonderful to have my little fingers caressing the keyboard of my laptop once again! I have grown quite accustomed to this particular strain of creativity (that wondrous thing called blogging) , and relish the fact that not only do I have it back, but I have some fun new tools (Photoshop CS4!!) to begin to learn and play with! Watch out, world - Mama's gotta brand new toy - and she ain't gonna be afraid to use it none, either!

So, in honor of my sweet return - I wanted to share some photos that are tickling my sweet tooth at the moment. Cupcakes, of course, are always on the top of my indulgence list... I made these for my friends and they were lemony lemon, through and through.

Next would have to be my dear friend wrapped up in this boa of pinkness. A gift from a departing friend (we miss you Pinky!) How lovely can it be to have a friend that brings you gifts at her own going away gathering? Yep, we are blessed.

Last but not least - these amazingly colorful crayons from Wacky Crayons. I am in special love with Dragonflies, so this particular shape had great resonance with me. I wanted to just sit down and color all day, but I was with my Mom and she still won't let me do those things - even though I am old enough to disagree with her and have my own way. Damn - I gotta grow out of that sometime soon. In the meantime, I'll just get on the Internet (hehe! so nice to have my computer back - I can't even tell you!) and order some to play with on my own. I'll tell you all about it later - maybe encourage you to start coloring too.
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  1. Hurray! You're back. The cupcakes look lemony luscious. Keep on colouring...


  2. yahoo.. you have been so missed. I reckon cupcakes will fix the world.

  3. I love crayons...there's something so satisfying about that waxy line across a clean sheet of paper!


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