Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wind in my coat tails

Today, I spent way too many hours trying to fight my way past the chores, the bustle to sew aprons for the store, deal with the neighbors and the landlord (everyone is having problems with rent this month), so that I could get out into that wonderful stuff - that sun. And, of course, I needed my other favorite daily stimulant - and excellent cup of coffee.

Rain, and storms and windy gusts are followed by the most brilliant of blue skies and the fluffiest of skyward clouds. I could melt into the vividness of that hue of blue, couldn't you?

Who would not adore having that happy face look up at you whenever you go out for a walk? To see him there just breaks my heart a little - he is just so happy to be outdoors with me...

I found this video on a site a trendy friend sent me to today, here, and this was on it some days ago - and I thought - oh, I need to share that too...

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  1. Thanks for the good advice! I appreciate you stopping by my blog. Have a wonderful weekend :)


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