Saturday, May 9, 2009

I am "sew" busy!

I am in the midst of sewing a slew of aprons for the store, and of course, I should s l o w down - so the Universe steps in. I guess I am supposed to keep making my photo cards? (which I am)

The needle is out of alignment on the machine - ouch! It happened because I was trying to go too fast and pulled on everything at once. My machine didn't like this rough treatment, is filing an "L 'n I" claim, sending me pouty looks and taking a very extended coffee break. So there!

Sooo, I am having some Darjeeling tea in my "Green Man" hand thrown mug that I adore, created by the amazing potter, Lodema, whose mugs I use every morn to greet the day. least something in the house is warmly greeting me (frowning glance to the sewing machine who patently ignores said sewer).

Later, I will take a brilliant walk to the coffee shop and pass by this tremendous Dogwood tree, whose flowers have amazing resiliency against our stormy winds and recent small rain squalls that have replaced some of the blue in our Spring skies. And before I go, I listen to a little Paganini to sooth my furrowed sewer's brow.

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