Sunday, May 10, 2009

A glimpse of gorgeous

Fuchsias - everywhere. The city is bursting with them - popular gift for Mom's, a treasure in a basket for gardeners. Pure heaven for a lover of color with a camera in hand - that would be me.

Intensely gorgeous skies today = what a perfect backdrop for my busy, busy day. Much of it spent outside - shopping for flowers, planting the flowers, riding on my bike to see the flowers. Flower Power, you might say.

Today, my nap was taking near the water. Both types of water. One, the ingestible kind - always therapeutic after a good bike ride. The other just very easy on the eyes and so soothing to the soul. I felt as if I was on a vacation at the most beautiful of spots. I truly was "in the moment" and feeling very, very blessed to be so.

Can't see my feet - I tucked them in, but this was essentially my snoozing view this afternoon - before working on through the late afternoon into the night....ahhh, but this moment here, juiced me up for everything that fell afterwards.
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  1. I can see the sunshine glinting.. what a treat of a day for you..

  2. I really like the pictures, and your blog :)

  3. yeah, grey's actually one of my favourite colours!
    and thanks for the comment too :D


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