Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mums Day!

My cupcakes gotta little brown -sigh- trying to do to much at once, yet again. Ah well, the baked beans that I have had cooking since last night for the Mother's Day BBQ at my sister's will make up for any baking discrepancy. Mind you, with my great "cover it with frosting" trick, they might just pass unnoticed for their little bit of overindulgence in the warm glow of my oven.

Totally unhealthy, unnatural, and so sinfully good. Frosting with coconut and canned pie cherries for a buttercream based wonder of a frosting. Everything in life should be coated in frosting, just at least once...yes, I am certain this would work out all sorts of social issues and public disputes. Let's implement that soon, shall we?

I took photos of the hanging fuchsia baskets yesterday and this is my prize photo - I am temporarily infatuated with these colors - oh my.

These double headed dark lilacs were a gift from my friend, Deb, and the crazy purple tam o' shanter is a hat I made for my Mom (the utmost lover of all things purple) for part of her Mother's day gift. I made the hat on a whim, without a pattern, and it, well - it is really a bit of artwork to wear. All those lovely little points I made upon decreasing - it may in fact be too silly for Mom. I may have to wear it myself and make her another less outrageous hat. Grin.

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  1. You know she may love that hat.. I think you get more eccentric later in life..


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