Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cool by association, or how I came to write about artist Alex Sandlin

The coolest thing about writing a blog or two, in my case, is the people that you get to meet and then write about. Alex Sandlin has been an artist that I have admired and then happily come to know over the last year or so that my friend, Mary Clymer, has owned her uberneato store, Happy Delusions. Mary's place is for artists and artisans to show their wares, greet the public and hopefully make a few sales and win over some loyal fans. Alex has been in Mary's store since she opened.

This past weekend was Art Show time at the store. Alex was one of the two artists who were showcased for the event. There was wine, there were cupcakes - and there were paintings and sketches that had yet to be shown in that venue by Alex, and then of course there was the artist herself.

Alex has been a painter since birth, really - it runs in her family. She conceded that the more she sketches, the better her paintings become - and she has recently entered into yet another level of painting prowess. Alex's work is intense in color, extremely detailed and a little edgy. Her work has that "Big Eye Art" quality to it with themes that are humorous and fun.

I have really enjoyed coming to know Alex a little better each time I have a chance to meet up with her. Alex is a little shy, I think. In my eyes, she is the next great "it" painter and sketch artist. She has talent and a unique and lovely look to her work. I don't think she knows just how talented she really is. Because of that, in spite of that, what have you - Alex is very interesting to hang with and, after the initial shyness, very fun to get to know.

Here are the photos I took of the artwork that she brought in for the night's event, plus a couple of prints that are already on sale at Happy Delusions - where you can find buttons, earrings, bookmarks, cards and more of Alex's work if you currently don't have the pocketbook to purchase an original. Her website, here, is also fun to check out.

I just really want to share this with my few, my fav, my followers. I initially wrote about Alex for my other blog - but I really wanted to share the experience further. I feel cool by association - if you know what I mean!

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