Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lilac it is!

Oh, sweet completion - at last, you are mine! This little sweater and sun hat set, made from Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece and knit from the top down ala Zimmerman, are for my dear niece of not even two - and I had thought to have it for her by Easter - and then Mother's Day, ahem. Why do I always think I can be Miss Knittin' Machine and have things miraculously completed in nonhuman time, with room to spare for a bath and the reading in it's entirety a small book ,by, oh say, Tolstoy?

This sun hat pattern has been in my collection for years and now, at last, I have a chance to put it to use - big smile here. Fiber Trends Pattern CH-18 Garden Party Hat. Auntie has added her own color flare for the inner ring of the flower, so that my little niece can match the hat with many choice bits from her wardrobe. A clothing collection that I get to add to on a weekly basis since my sister doesn't mind my thrift store finds!

The only last touch that needs to be attended to is to put the madlycreative label that I purchased from Bauer Designs on into the neckband. Somehow my family always seems to request that their pieces have that bit of finishing - I think it may have something to do with familial bragging rights.
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  1. This is the definition of ADORABLE, Lady P. What a lucky little girl your neice is - I'm not surprised your family want to brag about your talents!

  2. what gorgeous colors... and yes I feel like that too. Severla knitting projects scattered about the house.,.,. dining table no longer fir to dine on...


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