Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scrapping in the rain, foraging without a machine

My sewing machine is officially d o w n - and yet I continue to forage afield for wonderful fabric and bric a brac finds. Seems rather perverse - makes me wish for the machine all the more, even though weeks can go by and I neglect it. But the minute it is out of commission - I am consumed with the need to sew. I am so wrong!

I got this cute little vintage cosmetic traveling case at the same garage sale where I found the other goodies - isn't it just sweet? I plan on clearing it out, cleaning it up and using it on the shelves that are in my "creative corner" - which I really should be cleaning off and clearing up and reorganizing, but instead - I am blogging. Go figure.

It is raining - again. And cold - like in the 40's the other day - and I really had thought I would not be needing my gloves or the heater on - again. We have had a long winter for us here - and I guess this just proves my point. I think winter has not completely left the room - I am speaking to you in hushed tones - I don't want to offend any of the seasons, but I really wish that Spring was truly and completely in control here. Maybe she is - and she's just not in the best of moods. However, the flowers are in no way feeling neglected. There is moisture enough for everyone,
and then some.

These blooms were near a huge crosswalk - and thriving, despite the heavy motor fumes and the lack of respect or awe that the occasional pedestrian might display on that stretch of tarmac. They are a noisy, happy sweet shade of pink - and I stopped my bike and in between the raindrops, leaned down and took photos and smiled. I hope the flowers heard me - everyone needs to hear some praise. It helps us make it through the day, and we remember that what we do and who we are IS important. Being pink and pretty is important on a rain infused day.
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  1. it's like I have a virtual garden ecery time I visit... such pink! Such Lilac! Oh, and I am a SUCKER for those old train cases....


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