Friday, May 15, 2009


Today I babysat my niece and there went the day - all of it. Up at 6 am (which is really a crime against my personal nature, if you must know) and back by a half an hour shy of 6 pm. More lovely memories were made with the incredible little one - she is a marvel.

These photos are what I snapped this evening, as I wandered home and the sky was still full of sun that felt remarkably like summer tonight. Tulips, my favorite flower, in their absolute fullness- about to bid goodbye for an entire year. Giving their last remarkable effort of embracing a fullness of petal and a glimpse at their inner realms.

I am feeling the calling, the pull of my next "season" in life - it seems to be metamorphosing a little more slowly than I thought. I feel my mortality - my need for the last and best of my efforts before my body truly begins to wind down. I feel like these flowers as they give one last push towards the sun. I have something more, something bigger to give. I am ready for my last, best season to give me a good run.

Come ....
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  1. stunning photos
    and thanks for the lovely comment!


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