Sunday, May 17, 2009

Making the bed

I just purchased a new topsheet to complete my spring/summer bed ensemble - Wamsutta, 100% cotton, part of their superior lines of sheets - $2.99. Local thrift shop. Gorgeous against the skin. A perfect match for my rosy blossom bottom sheet I squirreled away last year. I was born to shop and thrift and create - which, I think, are somehow very much related.

I made my bed set, my curtains, my dust ruffle, my lovely edged pillow shams that fit to a tee - myself. Last year, three days of heavy sewing and primping I fixed up the entire room in goodies made from sheets and a trip to the local Joanne's fabric store, discount coupon in hand, for some special fancy material to lend some color and textural contrast to the small European pillows and other soft pillow shapes that I have come to believe a bed top should possess.

I am a little too private to show you the entire room - but, as a work in progress, this creation is slowly nearing the finish line. I wake up and feel like I am in one of the finer hotels I used to be privy to when leading tours in a previous segment of my life. Ahhh - it is pure heaven. Add a good book and a cup of tea and you wonder why you should ever leave.

But I have begun picking up the odd lovely and colorful new sheet and pillowcase at the thrift and garage sales that Mum and I love to wander off to. It won't be long before this finely balanced room is once again turned on it's head and a new creation of color on it's way.

PS - I am in a dynamic of struggle - what is the tone of the blog, she queries to herself? and why would anyone read it? I create every day - but not just knitting, or baking, or sewing, or collaging, or photography. Who am I in this process called blogging and, being perversely, sometimes a very private person, I am a bit surprised that I even feel inclined to do this at all. But I also love to write - and so, there in fact, may be my answer. If you read this - well, alright and thank you. And if you don't - I guess, this is just for me and that is really alright as well.
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  1. You are so talented. The ensemble you've created looks and sounds completely and utterly charming. Love the upholstery material on your chair, by the way.

    And your PS resonates with me too. It's a funny thing, isn't it, this blogging? Like you, I'm quite a private person so it's a odd thing for me to do, and yet I love it. And I love to visit yours because, in the middle of a busy day, it's a treat to drop in on your colourful, creative, whimsical and thoughtful world.

  2. I'm a pretty private person, too...blogging has actually helped me to open up a bit (just a bit, though). I'm really enjoying your the parts of your room I have's a sweet splendor :D

  3. I've never actually looked at this blog.. very different. :) I can see why you have two. Anyway, yeah - I try to switch up the pronoun genders now and then. Neither one is really accurate, I suppose but I can't stand to use "God" all the time. I love me some pronouns. :)

  4. I can see you have experience in creating 'corners' as you suggest. Thanks so much, you're right. A corner or space is easier to create than thinking about the whole caboodle. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

  5. I love your blog, and I love your tone. I question the same thing... I think any writer does! But you really have set a nice tone for your blog, so honest and reflective!! I don't know where I would be without blogging to release just a bunch of my inner thoughts that need releasing! I only started last month, but I truly am an addict. Keep blogging! You never know who you inspire :0)


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