Monday, May 18, 2009

The bounty of life - keep giving

Here are the amazing eggs my friend, Jessica gave to me from her chickens after showing me every little living, giving and green corner of her garden. Manna - gifts of the larder and of the heart. We could live so well on this - I could. Today I will make potato salad and feed my Mum and a dear friend or two. One gift and it moves through many.

My old customer remembered that I wanted rhubarb to grow - so he gave us starts to plant this year, but they won't bear fruit for three years (they like to get well settled before sharing of themselves). Worried that we might be tempted to pick it anyways, he brought pounds and pounds of rhubarb stalks. I shared some with a handy neighbor, who made jam and gave some to me and Mum. Now I will make some rhubarb compote and share some with her and Mum. This might never come to a close - may it never come to a close.

I still work on my photo cards while running between sink and stove and cupboards. Maybe today I will finally write some letters and send the cards to dear friends to share a little more of my everyday life with them. Maybe I will hear back from them, or not ( I am just blessed to have someone to send my nattering to) - and the giving keeps moving along. I find this time of the year, the shared bounty of the land and of our hearts and hands just
a m a z i n g.
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  1. Gorgeous eggs..and rhubarb. I want to make rhubarb jam!!!

  2. when i get older and settle somewhere, i'll have to have a garden so i can have chickens!! there's so many cool and strange chickens - and it must be nice to eat eggs with a good concience, knowing that they come from the happiest chickens ever :) i like all the pictures of your home made food stuff, i'm not a good cook but i'm getting inspired.


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