Friday, April 17, 2009

What to do, what to do ... I have lost the Pinky too!

Celeste, a.k.a. Pinky - I have known her ever since I moved to this lovely little town of ours 3 years ago. We befriended one another. She is still a young woman, with stories to discover, adventures to be wrought, and yet, an old and loving soul resides within. She moves away tomorrow...
She is the best model you could pray for - needs no direction, and looks marvelous in anything. What shall I do without her?
These are a collection of hats that I fashioned for myself after all of the holiday knitting had been done (easy pattern - just made it myself), and the snow just kept on coming. And coming...we really had a lot of the white stuff. This is from a skein of the ever fabulous Noro yarn I love. Yummy colors, don't you think?
This is maybe my favorite. I love orange and I used a precious skein of hand dyed yarn that had little yardage, but lots of attitude.
I love this shot. The unplanned moments of life reveal so much.
This picture is one in a million - she is beautiful, as the sun sets in the background on her last day with all of us. We all came out to hang with the Pinkster and say our good byes.
I made this one first- and it has the most spacious headroom. Your hair could be tied up in a knot and you could still get this baby on and stay warm. Some of the yarn used in this was from a society that helps to protect the Snow Leopards and it is hand spun, hand dyed camel yarn from cottage industries overseas, paired with other scraps to make the yarn last for the project and as you might see on the ear flaps, add some dimensionality to the coloring.
All of the hats I fully lined, including ear flaps, with a complimentary color of fleece. Toasty for the head - ready for any more freakishly cold weather that may come our way. Totally overindulgent of me - three more hats!? Oh my...maybe it's time to grow some extra heads...


  1. Oh hahaa, really love the hats! ö :D

    And no, I received it few years ago, there were Easter eggs inside! :)

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  3. Aw, isn't it hard to say goodbye? Hope you two will get to see each other soon!

    By the way, your hats look more and more adorable every time I see a new one!

  4. Love all of these hats but the hat with the heart on the side kills me. Love it!!

    You really should get that book you commented about on my blog. It's so great. She won't be disappointed :)

  5. All these photos are great! but the one you say is your favorite really is CUTE!

    I loved the little chickies you made for Easter, too. Reallycute all lined up!


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