Friday, April 24, 2009

Computer Blues!!

I have been slowed down, struck by a virus, my registry bitten by a nasty bug - and I am offline. Sigh. Thank the Goddess for my Blackberry phone and it's online abilities as well as my local library (which I love without reservation anyways) where I have limited access to a computer terminal and all of you. I have learned how to take a photo with my phone, email it to my Blogger account and then quickly, library computer at the ready, edit and post to my blog. It is a lesson in tenacity, planning and patience (library computers are popular places). So, bear with me as I struggle to get back online and doing my more creative posts - but in the meantime - thanks - thanks for stopping by - and thanks to my newest follower Umama (like Oh Mama) for coming on board!

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  1. Hehe...don't you love how we bloggers will jump through any variety of hoops to get a blog posted? Even if it takes walking several miles and fidgeting with technology for an extended period of time...we will do it!! :)


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