Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sweet Delights

I had to share the luscious, yummy, waistband extending side of the Easter holiday with you, since I shared all the birthing pains of the notorious chickies. This above is my brother's addition to the weekend brunch held at my sister's - Stuffed French Toast ala Paula Dean ( of Georgia and the Food Network). Peanut butter, thick slabs of banana, succulent bacon, good wheat bread, dipped in egg batter and the pan fried with crunchy bits of pecan and cereal on top and then laced with jam. Heavenly.
No surprises that I made the cupcakes. I love to make my cupcakes. These were chocolate "made from scratch" cake with a coconut buttercream frosting and dressed up to look like little Easter nests. My sister and all loved them.
My Mom a couple of years ago began dying her eggs along the ways of Martha Stewart. These are wrapped in colorful slips of silk, with a layer of plain cotton and then cooked in a bath of water and vinegar. They are marbleized works of art each and every year. Too pretty to eat, perhaps...naw!!
These are the "loopy" chickies - the last of a long line of little yarn McDoddles to come from my hands. By far the most time intensive. Three models, 32 chickies in all - now, flown the coop - except for about six that I kept for myself, and one to be sent full of chocolate to a friend in SF tomorrow. Whew and a sigh of relief. I actually kinda don't know what to do with myself.....
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  1. Your easter looks positively yummy...especially that french toast! :)

  2. Now we see where you get your talents from - your mother's eggs are fabulous! And how adorable are those chickies? What are you going to do with yourself now that they've flown the coop? I'm sure you'll think of something...

  3. Thanks for visiting my site! Your blog is lovely! What adorable crocheted goodies!


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