Saturday, March 28, 2009

Art is not dead! Only the squirrel is...

I am laughing at myself even as I write - I had to go back - see if the knit up was still alive, thriving, reminding the souls that cared enough to come and pay their respects to our brother, dearly departed Mr. Squirrel of the drunken condition, that we were a community that cares. Cares enough to bring out the artist in all of us.

Some of you may only see roadkill, but others see a tableau of the human town condition - ready for us to inhabit, engage with and add our element of beauty and tongue-in-check humor.

He was embalmed by his own bad drinking habits, but the city took it upon themselves to give him a proper viewing - dress him with knitty debonair care, express dear sentiments on his behalf. Parks Department - we love you! You are inspiring a whole new crop of aspiring, insurgent artists within!

Who is the masked wonder of this canvas work? Will the world ever know? We give thanks to you as you help spread the word of Arting Out even further....
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