Friday, March 27, 2009

Knitters catch all the blame

I am certain you get the little knitter pun I left for you in this roadkill diorama. Don't get me wrong - I have plenty of cleaner ideas for places to put knit-ups, but this bit of knitting guerillism came about naturally and with a gentle prodding from a painter friend that I know. Let me tell you the story of the "knitter be damned."
Not too long ago, you might remember the Global Guerilla Knit Up called for by Grrl + Dog down Austrailia way. I was immediately smitten with the idea, and let some crafty gal friends in on the idea of throwing up some fiberfriendly graffiti of our own in our little town. Somehow, it came down to just two of us hardy souls - could not have done it without Mary, my cohort in crime. The girl has tree climbing skills, let us leave it at that. But, the man showed up, gave us the warning, and by the next a.m., 4 big strapping lads of the Parks Department were tearing it down.
This poor drunken soul has been on the sidewalk near our fair Library for about 4 days now. Someone put the bottles around his sorry corpse to remind us all that "Alcholism Hurts Everyone". We seemingly don't have a lot to do in our little burg, because we have been laughing about this for days! I put it up on my blog, The Picarron, which I write about our city.

My question to you is - why does the roadkill with alcohol on his breath get to hang out for days on end, while the beautiful knit tree art that was so lovingly tailormade and installed have to come down before a day transpired??
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  1. I don't understand the logic either. It's funny you put a sweater on the squirrel, I just posted about an artist who knitted little sweaters for dead birds on my blog. Poor little squirrel.

    I wonder if you could get a local petition going and then approach someone in the council with the petition and news clippings about the knit graff (the positive effects on the local economy/community spirit-I could send you one from budget travel that listed our village top ten in the usa and included the knit graff as part of the story). also links to towns that have adopted tree sweaters to raise funds for good causes (Columbus Indiana I believe). Maybe you could ask permission. I know it sort of defeats the purpose, but the end result would still be there for the public whether you got permission or not.

    Sending my knitty support

  2. on the other hand, I would be so tempted to put knit graf on the parks department building somewhere or in non tree spots with a sign that says "stop sucking lemons" or "don't get yer knickers in a knot with knit " or "dont' be a twit, enjoy the knit", okay okay I am getting carried away, but ever since I got my artistic license you know! hee! hee!

  3. I was wondering when the tree would have it's revenge!

    Is the squirrel burial near the tree?

    My dear, an artists life is lonely, poor park rangers, they are clearly muggles.

    Never the less, keep going, I say.


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