Sunday, March 29, 2009

Claes and me

I feel vindicated= not only because some of you so kindly let me know that it was indeed, understandable, if anything, to be on my chickie making spree - but that all of us go through it at one time or another. The descent into cuteness.
Then, low and behold, I come across some work of one of my all time favorite and inspiring sculptors, Claes Oldenburg, that makes me want to both laugh and cry. Calico Bunnies, 1997 - silk screened on canvas - 10" x 6" approx - bunnies.
Now, I won't play you - I have often dreamed of doing installation art on the scale that Claes has done. The fact that he did soft sculpture back in the day, just brings him even closer to my heart/art. But, damn, if it isn't refreshing to see these little bunnies cascading over the pages of my borrowed art book - the sheer whimsy of them lightens my very being today. Thanks, Claes.
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