Monday, June 15, 2009

Lovely little things

It's the little things in life that somehow pull you through. The cup above was a Christmas gift given to a friend who has a sincere fondness for Kermit the Frog. Drinking from this little plastic mug brightens any day. Makes you giggle.

A friend of mine has a great store and was the first person to come out and Yarn Bomb with me (here is our collaboration). You know that speaks volumes. Today is her day off - so I placed my little knit ups on her front door handles (she has two) with a deep sense of giggliness this morning. He he - I love being yarny secretive.

I could enjoy a cup of excellent brew and put up my bit of knitting. Such a refined way of doing an yarn installation. Ahhhhh......

Show off your girlish frill and turn up you tutu for the cameras, Knit Up!

These are done up in my friend's shop's colors - and they actually feel really good on the vintage handles to her esteemed store (check it out!)
It's these little things that keep one going, make you smile and able to laugh at the world. Being silly - I highly recommend it!
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  1. You are so awesome...I really wish I lived close to I could wake up to some happy yarn bombing! :D

  2. Muppet Babies!!! I love this mug!! :-)

  3. I love them. They have added so much to the decor. YOu are Awesome!

  4. You KNOW this is where the whole KNitta Please world little door knob on a shop.. so you are growing roots and taking flight at the same time... loving this, and the cool retro colors too.


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