Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The little one that stayed behind

One day I was in the midst of making zombie cupcakes for a friend, researching online for patterns, trying out said patterns and gathering creepy colors for the "Night of the Living Dead" knit cupcakes. Scratch here was born.

He just never left home. That's all I can say. I loved him too much to see him travel anywhere beyond my side. But he wanted to have a roam. Scratch felt it was his turn at the modeling routine. So, here we are. This is somehow Scratch's favorite spot.

We didn't work too hard at this photo shoot. The weather is a little overcast and humid and our coffee cup was empty. But now Scratch had had his moment of blog fame. His Cotillion Ball, if you will, of being introduced to the world. Scratch is a lot like me - now that he is through, he just wants a moment of quiet and a good vampire novel to sink his teeth into. Literally.
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  1. So cute! This is a children's book in the making... {think about it}

  2. C'mon Scratch, make your way over here!

  3. Is Scratch awaiting a new Twilight novel? I find myself drawn in (in spite of the writing...). Oh, a traveling Scratch...there's an idea ;)


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