Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Knit Up travels abroad

I heard the call to arms (here).

As a fellow knitter and possibly, renegade yarn outlaw, I was intrigued and aware that this was something that I could be a part of and feel proud. Besides, it is not everyday that you have a chance to go international and have your work seen at The National Gallery of Austrailia!

I choose the colors that I did to reflect my town, which sits on the edge of a very large lake and has lovely rivers that course through it. I wanted the serenity of blue, and the texture of the creator, moi, Lady P.

But, I also wanted it to have the feel of the people of my town, to have some of their mojo if you will.
So - I made them try it on. Wear it. Get their cooties all over it. Like lovely Miss Mary up above.

Mr. Mike wanted to be a Knitto Bandito.

Sir Ron wanted to make sure that you knew a grande cafe came with his knit serape.

Brandie and Henry the Owl. Feelin' cozy in to the Yarny Pole Knit Up.

Will, secure in his manhood and happy to support the best international knit up in town! (at least for today)


Where would I be without my ride? It loves the carousing around town, looking for new spots to yarn bomb.

Oh, what's this? A Zombie Cupcake? hmmmmm.....wonder if I can trust the fluffy green one not to eat the lovely little knit up before it makes the journey across the mighty ocean. Dare I risk it?
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  1. Thanks! I fixed the link... and I am loving Mr. Mike in this.. He looks so chic! :0)~

  2. well..he needs to eat!!
    How lovely you have enchanted the knit with vibes from your hoe town. It will radiate goodness from the pole...

    I will let you know how much he ate when he arrives... maybe make him cough it up again and re stitch it.

  3. What a lovoly piece! And I love the way you have taken photos with all the locals. Well done! :-)

  4. Haha, I can't spell! I blame it on my frozen fingers, it's 13,5 degrees in my living room this morning...

  5. What a great knit to represent your town! I like how you had different people try it on - you should send those pictures along with your entry!


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