Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thankful Thursday

In honor of the other blogs I have seen who post on Thursdays in this vein, I will toast today and be thankful. I am thankful for having the privilege to be a free woman, who may go where she wants (within the confines of my pocketbook, presently empty, sigh) and take photos of all the piques her interest. Which happens to be quite a lot.

I am thankful for the lovely blue skies that have come back around and the flurries of petalful color to be found on every street and yard and bush these Springminded days. Here be Azaleas.

I am thankful for green ( my major preference in nature's color scheme as of late) and the vintage vehicles of said hue that catch my amused little eye. I have dreams of owning one and driving out to beaches yet unvisited to dip my toes and heave heavy sighs.

I am thankful to friends and family upon whom I may indulge my baking whims. Today, Rhubarb Muffins in the sun, coffee in hand, friends gathered round with moist, still warm from the oven bites in filled with appreciative yummy noises mouths.

Recipe is right here - try it.
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  1. This is a happy post :) You have some mad photo skills, Lady P!!

    Did you get my email? I couldn't find an address, so I replied to a comment (wasn't sure if that actually worked if you weren't in my contacts. Email me when u get a moment :) girlichef at yahoo dot com

  2. Oops my last comment was suppose to be under this entry :) Sorry about that!


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