Friday, May 22, 2009

Just musing aloud is all

I could not resist the play of light on the leaves of the flowers this a.m. It is a pom pom version of hydrangea, grows in abundance in a neighbor's yard who barely takes note of it. I do and pick copious amounts while able to and wake to see their fine whiteness glowing in the sun's rays.

I found this on my walk two days ago and knew that it was meant for me to pick up. I am like that - loving found objects and I tend to invest them with meanings, but I am an intuitive, so my mind just wanders in those directions, I suppose. Calm, clarity, sereneness is often associated with blue, but it can also be for communication. I am hoping for some help in that direction. I am struggling with my art, my craft, my direction, my focus. I need the calmness of certainty to fall soon. So, I put that stone in my purse, right next to the phone. Clever little stone.

I am growing baby cupcakes - but they take a lot of care and time. Like all of my endeavors that spawn in my head, they always take way too much time. You can't really hope to make them for any sort of valid return or financial remuneration. So, maybe that is just not my creative direction anymore. And if so, I think I can be okay with that. Won't give up the cupcakes, I will just give up toiling away to make things for sale like I was a hard laborer, and just enjoy. I really just want to enjoy right now.

This is a time of review and reassertion of old dreams. Don't despair - you will let go of what no longer suits you without a pained look back, and be given new dreams to hold and goals to fulfill. It will all be okay - but hold on tight, you have to shake loose what no longer fits - and sometimes we are stubborn about that process. Old boyfriend, old clothes - old you. Whew! Something is about to bloom - and I think its all of us - you too.
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  1. Love the musings that you share. Especially the part about letting go of what no longer suits you, as you will be given new dreams to hold. Reminds me of a speaker I heard once who said you have to let go of one trapeze bar in order to have hands free to grab the one that's swinging your way. It can be scary, that in between time. But it's all part of the process of being open to hold that next thing. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  2. That looks like turquoise...which is my favorite's my grounding stone...very cool to happen upon it! Luvin' the cupcakes ;)

  3. I am loving your photograph with the white flowers and turquoise stone next to it - it has an oriental feel to it. I do hope you find your new artistic direction soon!

  4. Those hydrangeas, in that light, gorgeous! And how lovely to find a piece of turquoise, meant to be yours...

  5. I love the pic of the hydrangeas :-)
    And is that a turquoise stone? I heard that turquoise is a good friendship stone as well. And you are right, this is a time to review and revise your plans/dreams. We have until May 30, when Mercury Retrograde ends I think. Also thanks for becoming a follower :)

  6. Lovely thoughtful posts. There should be a museum for amazing things found on the ground. I once found a Buddha head the size of the tip of my index finger on the beach.

  7. it's obviously a magical stone with powers and you were ment to find it!


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