Thursday, July 16, 2009

simple sights

Architecture can be simple
Life's Directions can be simple

Patterns and our imprints can be simple

Taking it a moment to think might be simply necessary

(to those of you scared off by the outpouring of emotions in the blog the last week, I understand - I am a Scorpio and intense. to those who hung in there, i appreciate you allowing my candor. to everyone - i am going away for a long weekend and i plan on thinking and meditating - a lot. this will be very good)
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  1. ...from a fellow Scorpio, I don't scare that easily!! I love your "color" posts...they are always so creative :D

  2. Scared? Huh, I come from a family of idiots (brothers and sometimes crazy mom.) It would take a hell of a lot to frighten me. Well okay, my fat pants scare me. They hang patiently in the closet, knowing that it is just a matter of time.

    Vibrant color and emotional words are good for the soul. Just like a hunk of chocolate cake with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Then topped off with some hot fudge and a little spurt of whipped cream. EEeekk!!!! I just heard a crazy little laugh coming from my closet. It's those dam fat pants again.

  3. Outpouring of emotions? I'm used to it. My shoulders has been cried on a lot it's soggy....

    Have a great weekend, Lady P.

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