Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's in a cup, it is a cake - It's CakeCups!

We always like to play with our food - that's a given. And we love to play dress up. Makes absolute sense that we would go wacky over little, petite cakes that we get to make purdy and then devour. Enter the realm of my cupcake world - if you dare.

Knit cupcakes with pinkishly cute flavor. A cupcake for all seasons. One you can constantly admire and reminds you of the favorite snack that you should be on your way to purchase, immediately, if you had your way.

So, have it your way Darling!

Hats that look like cupcakes are also an essential. You must have the proper clothing accessories while admiring the object of your desire, planning it's eventual demise, asking yourself that all
important question -

Do I eat all of the frosting off first, or save some for with the cake?

You know that you are being, well, obsessive, when you make photo cards of the cake in the cup, put them in picture frames, send them onto friends to salivate over. Buy copious amounts of cute literature telling you how to create more and more and more of them in all of their earthly forms.

So, if you are in need of cupcake solace, a friend in arms when they try to come and take your cupcakes away from you just when you were having the most fun,

I am here for you.

(And I can hook you up - mainline you some of the Cupcakes accessories any girl would ever need. Or just let you cry on my shoulder, and hold the cupcake away from those salty tears so that we have something good to eat when we come to our collective senses)

My Partner in Cupcake Crime today : Ms. Girlichief!!
She is having a great giveaway - go here see cupcakes and die happy
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  1. Imagine a cupcake that you can knit AND eat - I mean that would be great - you will be able to have your cake AND eat it. Or something like that anyway ... Hey, I hope you will make a zine soon - and I expect to see some cupcake craziness in there!

  2. HA!! I definitely need a hat that looks like a cupcake :D Fun, fun post...let the cuppy-cake games begin!

  3. Aaah, you make the little black dress seem so BORING. What every wardrobe needs is a cupcake hat, the accessory that will take a girl anywhere. Lady P, you are delicious.

  4. I am laughing my butt off! I do exactly that..get all cray over something, buy every book,scour every website.. I personally think cupcakes can fix the world.

  5. Shortcircuting my keyeboard due to drooling*... Away ye woman of temptation... Love the images by the way, and I'll be in touch for winter when i'll need to cover my ears with icing and sprinkles..

    *keyboard dies*

  6. That's a cute cuppy cake!! haha..


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